Business Growth Programme Halton

Halton Borough Council is offering fully funded support through the Business Growth Programme. Halton Borough Council can potentially offer fully funded support for Small to Medium sized businesses in Halton, helping your business to prepare for the future, stimulate growth and become more resilient.

Our specialist’s offer advice and support in the following ways:

  • Helping your business to plan for the future
  • Looking at the efficiency and processes of your business
  • Ensuring your finances are working efficiently
  • Making the most of your website and social media
  • Advice on HR policies and procedures
  • Making the most of tendering and procurement
  • Developing your sales and marketing techniques


  • Call now on 0151 511 8038 or 0151 511 7162
  • Alternatively you can email: [email protected] with the title ‘Business Growth Programme’ and we’ll do the rest.