Runcorn Town deal

key stakeholder analysis

Satisfy (S)

High Influence, Low Interest

These stakeholders are highly influential but they don’t have a lot of interest, nor are they actively engaged in your project.

Important to keep them on side as as project advocates.

Monitor (MO)

Low Influence, Low Interest

These stakeholders are neither interested or have much influence. But their relevance may change over time.

Monitor their activity from time to time to stay on top of their involvement. Communicate to keep informed and at an appropriate time, encourage greater interest.

Manage (M)

High Influence, High Interest

These are the key stakeholders

They have a lot of influence and a strong interest in the outcomes. Manage and engage these stakeholders well to build strong relationships and ensure we retain their support.

Involve them in decisions and engage regularly.

Keep informed (KI)

Low Influence, High Interest

These stakeholders have a strong interest in your project but very little power to influence it.

Keep these stakeholders informed to ensure their continued support.

Consult with them around their key areas of interest.